Galshot - FAQ

  1. What is Galshot?
    Galshot is liquid energy shot that can help you feel energized, focused, and motivated for hours. It is a blend of B vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients with herbal stimulants.

  2. What are the best times to take a Galshot?
    "You should take a Galshot whenever you feel tired and need a boost of energy. Depending on your lifestyle, there are other times where we can recommend a Galshot: In the Morning: Waking up in the morning sometimes requires a boost. Take a Galshot and you will be set for the rest of your day. Traveling: Anyone who travels a lot knows how tiring it can get. Galshot will keep you alert and energized throughout your travels. Picnics: When you want to go on a picnic, Galshot can give you the energy you need to have a good time. Sports and Fitness: Do you want to get the most out of you workout? Do you want to stay motivated and energized ? Take Galshot and you will be ready to achieve your fitness goals. After Lunch: Are you always tired after lunch? Let Galshot help you stay focused and energized, so that you can complete your tasks for the day."

  3. How Much Caffeine Is In A Galshot?
    In a Galshot, there is about as much caffeine as there is a cup of the leading brand coffee.

  4. What’s In Galshot?
    "Galshot contains a blend of B Vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients with a herbal stimulant and caffeine. Galshots are available in different flavors: Cranberry, Pomegranate, and Lemon mint. Sugar Free Galshots are available in Pomegranate and Lemon mint."

  5. How do I know if Galshot is right for me?
    "Galshot was made for busy adults to help them complete their daily tasks. Everyone is different and that means the amount of Galshot that works for one person might not work for another. There are people who can take the maximum daily amount (two bottles) and there are others who require less. To find out what amount of Galshot works for you, take half of a bottle. Wait for about 10 minutes and see if you require more. We normally recommend only two bottles of Galshot to be consumed in a day."

  6. What flavors does Galshot come in?
    "Galshot is available in three different flavors: Cranberry, Pomegranate, and Lemon mint. Sugar Free Galshots are available in Pomegranate and Lemon mint."

  7. How will I feel after taking a Galshot?
    You will feel energized, focused, motivated, and ready to seize the day.

  8. Isn´t the concentration of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 in Galshot dangerous?
    "The levels of B12 and B6 vitamins present in each Galshot are within safe limits. The limits are set by the Food and Nutrition Board Institute of Medicine."

  9. Has Galshot been approved by the FDA?
    Dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA. However, they must comply with the regulations set by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as regulated the FDA or considered as GRAS.

  10. What is a Niacin flush?
    There are some people who are sensitive to niacin (Vitamin B3) and therefore they cannot have high amounts of it in their body. For these people, it can cause their skin to "flush" or have an increased blood flow near the skin. If you happen to experience a Niacin flush, it will generally go away after a few minutes. In order to prevent experiencing a niacin flush, take half a bottle and save the rest for later in the day.

  11. How many bottles of Galshot can I take per day?
    We recommend that you should not consume more than two Galshots per day

  12. Who should not take Galshots?
    "Children, Pregnant women, those diagnosed with Phenylketonuria (PKU) Consult with your doctor about taking Galshot if:
    You are taking any prescription medicine at the moment
    If you were advised to avoid caffeine or stimulants
    If you have a medical condition that makes you feel concerned about taking Galshot"

  13. Other concerns?
    Sugar Free Galshots are available in Pomegranate and Lemon mint. We advise you to contact your doctor before taking Galshot.

    Animal Products:
    Galshots do not contain any animal products or substances derived from animals.
    Galshots are suitable for vegetarians."